Straightjacket Syndicate is a Guild Wars 2 guild on the Tarnished Coast server.
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 If it isn't the Otaku who never sleeps!?

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If it isn't the Otaku who never sleeps!? Empty
PostSubject: If it isn't the Otaku who never sleeps!?   If it isn't the Otaku who never sleeps!? EmptySat Dec 22, 2012 7:30 pm

Hello Hello, I'm Midorical, In game I am usually on Hazuki Hinapouri (Which means Green Moon), the name came
from my joy at the color green, and when I started I was making a Rogue Sylvari of the Night path, but I just couldn't
get into their homeland, so switched to human.

It would not take long to realize that I love WvW, and have never really done much PvE. Or any Single PvP stuff..
All that aside here are some random facts about myself

Gender: I am a man, do not let my avatars fool you.
Class: I roll up a Backstabbing Thief (I am hated by my foes, and sometimes by friendlies alike..its wonderful!)
Hobbies: Gaming, Watching Anime, Gaming, Rare occurances of reading a book, Gaming, and hmm.. Gaming.

Thoughts on Guild:
I have been in many guilds in many games, and I even came to a point where I just lost faith in guilding all together, so I
started swinging lone wolf. I found a great guild in Maplestory, one based on friends, not conquering the world, and it was a great
community but broke down easily due to a lack of guild events and drive, Compared to that guild, this is the best i've been in, full of funny
and splendid people like Shanks, and Mason, or our Sonic singing duo.

Frankly I haven't had this much fun since I was like 9.

Thanks for taking care of me guys, and I hope we can continue to have fun, and revive me when I do something stupid.

-Side Note- While i'm not a complete southern person, I am currently living up north, I was born and raised for half my life in Tennessee.
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If it isn't the Otaku who never sleeps!?
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