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 WvWvW Tips for those who enjoy the Asuran Mofia Brigade:

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WvWvW Tips for those who enjoy the Asuran Mofia Brigade:  Empty
PostSubject: WvWvW Tips for those who enjoy the Asuran Mofia Brigade:    WvWvW Tips for those who enjoy the Asuran Mofia Brigade:  EmptyWed Nov 14, 2012 10:45 pm

Taken from main Gw2 site:

Quote :
Normally; if you didn’t notice most servers lose Supply camps a lot before the points ticks. I spend a lot of my time in EB and around 3-2 minutes left before tally all I see is
/t CampA /CampB flipped

Let’s put this in perspective as most people don’t see the value in supply camps and camp flipping. Generally numbers are the easiest way to represent this. Ok in close matchups much like what you see in balanced T1 play small point differences influence the game highly. Camps are worth 5 points at a tally with 24 camps being available in the entire match. So in all camps are worth 120 points at tally.

This leads to presumably 11,520 points per day at most. In a week? 80,640.
You might be wondering what I’m getting at here; well what I’m trying to say is Supply Camp flips can infinitely help win or lose games. If you pay attention to how a top tier server such as SBI plays; when they flip camps they don’t do it because they can at any time; they do it very methodically with more than one party generally. They almost always cap around 2-3 minutes until points tick this. If you lose one or two camps per tick that’s 5 or 10 points you miss out on every 15 minutes.

So that comes out to be
  • 5/10 Points Every Tick
  • 20/40 Points every hour
  • 480/960 Points every day

Now here comes the real interesting part; those points if you hold these camps for 12 out of every 15 minutes and they get flipped because you didn’t defend them; not only do you lose 5 points but the enemy server GAINS 5 points. If you don’t think about it; this may sound silly at first but the longer you reflect on this every point tick they flip one of your camps simply for the tally points you effectively LOSE 10 or 20 points.
I say you LOSE 10 or 20 points because you SHOULD have gained 5 and not been put behind 5 more; so this nothing more than an effective loss of that.

Put into perspective
  • 10/20 Points every tick
  • 40/80 Points every hour
  • AND 960/1920 EVERY DAY.

Now these aren’t reflective in score but the loss is still there; as you should have held them. This more often than not proves how important camps are; while towers/keeps/castles can cover this deficit, if you can afford 5 people for each supply camp why should you put yourselves further behind by not properly defending and more methodically flipping camps. Now this isn’t to say that a zerg is stoppable by that small force but a proper defense perimeter can deter them for a slight amount of time. When a top tier server (Such as SBI) defends a camp they have Ballista/Arrow Carts covering it, proving they understand the power of a supply camp.

Let’s not forget losing a camp can easily LOSE you 100 supply since they will flip the camps build siege and steal your supply; and effectively cut off one or more Dolyak spawns. So even outside of point end of tick supply camp flipping is so detrimental to the overall scheme of things.

So here are some pointers for both Offense AND Defense of Camps!
Offense :
  1. Pay attention to the time to a tally; this part is really huge, you need to assess if taking a camp at that point is worth it, or if you can even do it in time (Especially if the Mob has the buff)
  2. Always pay attention to your map! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! In order to properly assess and time your attacks you NEED to know when camps were last flipped/attacked in order to flip properly.
  3. Always move quietly. You have to avoid proccing swords on the map as they reveal your location and definitely sell your intentions
  4. Never under any circumstance take the most direct route! You want to be unseen as a small camp flipping team if you travel the road you may accidentally be caught out by tower defenders and other people.
  5. Worry about composition. When taking camps you want a small force; but with that small force composition becomes a much larger need. Rangers; Warriors; Mesmers; Guardians; Thieves all classes that are very mobile and can move around the battlefield and offer group swiftness are great classes for this. Mesmers may want to consider running their AoE Stealth Elite for surprise attacks. As for Warriors and Rangers get a Warhorn, there is no excuse to not have a cheap Warhorn in your inventory. Guardians; no excuse to not have a staff in your inventory, same goes for Mesmers with a Focus.
  6. Last but not least. Pay attention to the Mob’s buff; if you intend on supply capping and you have the intentions of trying to take camps with buffed leaders Vulnerability and Conditions are huge as conditions are not effected by the buff in strength but in duration.

Defense – What can you do to prevent this from happening?

  1. Once again, time and map awareness you want to try to have a handle on where the enemy is watch the map for out of place swords; especially around 5 minutes until tally.
  2. Assess your own teams needs. Ask yourself the following questions “Are we going to take a tower before tally?” “Am I really needed to take the tower?” and “Do we have the man power to actually defend properly?”
  3. Timing yourself and having good classes for stalling. Thieves; Guardians; Mesmers; BUNKER eles. These are all very solid choices when it comes to defending camps from small tactical group as they can hold people well on top being fantastic at stalling.

Tips and Tricks!

  1. Not only does killing Yaks along the way benefit your server directly by cutting off supply but as others mentioned it gives non Tally related points – Psirca
  2. Defense Camp flipping! Don’t hesitate to flip a camp in your own territory as soon as possible every minute not flipped in another minute without supply flow!

With all that being said; I hope those of you who are new to WvW can understand the importance and power of the supply camp and for those who are veterans I hope maybe you learned a thing or two, if there is anything you would like to add or a point I made that you would like to refute post it below and I will get around to updating this thread.

Disclaimer : Do no take absolute paramount in supply camps as they don’t make or break the game but they offer a huge advantage in the overall scheme of things.

Fun facts :
Supply Camp Flipping is the most effective way to make money in WvW
While Camp Flipping you can easily snipe Dolyak’s for extra Money/Experience/Karma as well as help your team!
You can really hurt the other team by stealing their supply!
You feel like your individual actions are much more important than in a Zerg!

Alsonia Taril | Mesmer of Knights of the Temple [KnT] Blackgate Server
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WvWvW Tips for those who enjoy the Asuran Mofia Brigade:
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