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 Slades' EPIC (PvP Tournament)

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Slades' EPIC (PvP Tournament) Empty
PostSubject: Slades' EPIC (PvP Tournament)   Slades' EPIC (PvP Tournament) EmptySat Nov 03, 2012 11:13 am

COME ONE, COME ALL! To the Elite PvP Inguild Competition!!!!
...ok, so the acronym was a bit of a stretch, but I've been looking for a way for our guild to expand in our PvP and figured a PvP Tournament would be a good way to go. Basically, its going to be a series of single and group duels that will take place in an empty pvp zone. Specific orgination is still being determined, however because its going to be based out of the heart of the mists pvp all can enter and participate in the tournament regardless of their level. As to limit the fights to skill, both in play and stat design, only standard pvp gear will be allowed. Additional rules may apply, spread the word! Blood begins to spill tonight!

~Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat
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Slades' EPIC (PvP Tournament)
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