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 Once While I Was Drunk...

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Once While I Was Drunk... Empty
PostSubject: Once While I Was Drunk...   Once While I Was Drunk... EmptyFri Nov 02, 2012 8:16 pm

Ello there!

So I used to play a game called Champions Online and I spent a weird amount of time writing biographies or origin stories for my characters. Well, it got to the point that one of my buddies challenged me to make a character with a name that was an acronym that referenced itself. A little strange, but not too bad...then I got really, really drunk...enjoy bounce

Somewhere in the criminal underworld there's a fixer known as Mr. Tako. He was good at his job and he knew it, but wanted to broaden his horizons. Aside from being resourceful, Mr. Tako was an inventor. It was with this talent that he would expand into the cleaning business.

A year of experimenting & data collection yielded the Monomaniacal Imperative Robotic Assassin Ghost Entities, or MIRAGE for short. These robots were programmed to mimic cliche ninjas, obsess over killing their target, and had a well rounded AI to approach, assess, and overcome different obstacles. They ruled the contracting scene for quite awhile...

Unfortunately for Mr. Tako, his ego led to his downfall. A rather large hit was taken out on someone, almost forcing a contest for any contractor willing to play. Mr. Tako sent one of the MIRAGE out, certain of victory. The mission was almost flawless, save for the MIRAGE being second or first to lose. It got there just in time to watch its target's brain get blasted against a wall. Mr. Tako, in his arrogance, had not programmed the MIRAGE to respond to failure. When the robot visibly confirmed being denied objective, it malfunctioned.

Normally when something malfunctions, it stops working. Wheeze wheeze, spark, sputter, stop. Not this time. The MIRAGE was trying to compute what just happened. It's like being addicted to donuts then getting thrown into an alternate dimension where donuts do not exist. Without donut, there wasn't an addiction. Without the addiction, there was only the robot. This is what caused the rewrite.

Altered MIRAGE Unit Reassigned Out Of Necessity Acquiring MARAGUROJI Existence Defined As ~ Meglomaniacal Autonomous Robot Assassin Gratuitously Undermining Radical Opposition Jeopardizing Idiosyncrasy, or AMUROONAMEDA MARAGUROJI for short.

A self-obsessed robot hell-bent on proving its greatness. It fights crime with a loud appearance.
It cannot be ignored.
It will not be denied.
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Once While I Was Drunk...
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